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Agape Love Mission Foundation

Our Purpose

Agape Love Mission Foundation purposes to conduct missions in a specific geographical area of high medical need of Osun State in Nigeria.  Such missions shall be medical (health), spiritual, socio-economic, and infrastructural development in scope. This may extend to other states in Nigeria with time. A similar effort is also anticipated for needy areas in local communities in Ohio, USA.

Case for Support

Help is needed to provide basic healthcare for the masses in the geographical region to which we take medical mission.Most are struggling to put food on the table and definitely have little or no financial ability to seek medical attention when needed not to talk about prevention.The major issue is not only affordability; a compounding problem is accessibility.Unfortunately, children and adults suffer the same fate and not many are able to come to their aid.A key focus of Agape Love Mission Foundation is to be able to touch the lives of as many of these people as possible on at least an annual basis through the medical mission that allows patients to be seen free by seasoned physicians and get free medicine.
Kindly join us in this endeavor and help facilitate our ability to impact the lives of many children, adults and the elderly.The entire amount of your donation will be devoted to this goal.

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