Two to three months prior to this year’s mission, daylight killings, robbery, kidnapping and other worrisome atrocities were reported happening along the highway to Iree, our mission location, leading to serious concerns about the safety of the team and a divinely guided wisdom for making the tough decision about going on the mission trip.  Needless to say, the planning team faced a tough Go/No Go decision – postponement/cancellation.  This was lifted to our Heavenly Father in prayers and He came through in a mighty way.  He came, He saw the need and He conquered!  The mission went remarkably well.


With 10 Doctors, 3 Dentists assisted by 2 Dental Hygienists, 2 Pharmacists assisted by 10 people, 6 Lab personnel, 10 Nurses, 3 Spiritual Counselors, 4 IT people and over forty (40) other volunteers in various categories, we were blessed to touch almost fourteen hundred lives in approximately 4 days.  Logistics of operation, safety and crowd-control were managed by 5 people in partnership with key leaders from the Iree Progressive Association, Police team and the town’s local security team.  Once again, the King’s council, Iree Premiere Club, religious leaders and officials from the local Health Center played a significant role in ensuring our safety and those of patients that came for treatment.


Through tremendous support from non-profit organizations like FAME, Crosslink Memphis Inc, MAP International, medicine suppliers like Fidson Healthcare PLC, Lagos and several generous donors on both sides of the Atlantic, we were able to procure enough medicines to provide three-months supply to individuals with major chronic diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes.  We were also able to procure medical laboratory supplies, medical equipment of all kinds and reading glasses that many people critically needed.


As in the past, our extremely large-hearted local host and his exceptional tireless team did a wonderful job with ground transportation and overall wellbeing of all volunteers by receiving, storing and transporting medicines and medical supplies as well as providing excellent accommodation and nourishment for all volunteers throughout the entire week.


By the special grace of God, some people gave their lives to Christ during the mission and several people viewed the Jesus Film shown by a volunteer from CRU, Campus Crusade for Christ.  We truly experienced His love for us as we attempted to extend such love unto others.  The Mission continues to reassure us that….. “this is the Lord’s doing” and it is marvelous in our sight.


Our goal is to resuscitate, rebuild and advance to twenty-first century standard, a healthcare facility that served a significant sector of the country for decades but has been relegated to nothingness in recent years.


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